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About Oxford International Group Jobs

Most of the oxford international group jobs or recruitment that you may come across are usually from their agents, marketers or affiliates who recruit sub-marketers and share their percentage commissions with them.

Oxford International Group Recruitment: The company itself does not recruit frequently but once in a while there are job openings and they employ new staff especially when they are setting up a new branch or subsidiary. (Click here to subscribe with your email to be informed of whenever they are recruiting.)

In terms of remuneration, Oxford Group Nigeria salary is very competitive but what really stands it out is the ability to earn extra commissions based on performance. This applies mostly to direct employees of the company.

But if the recruitment is being performed by an agent or affiliate of the company and not directly by the company, what the agent normally does is to split their own commission with the person that is being hired, this means that there won’t be a fixed regular salary, rather the remuneration would be based solely on commission.

Such commission based arrangements are usually also not that bad because the commissions that Oxford Group International pays staff and agents per client they bring in is usually quite generous.

Oftentimes, even real staff and team leaders of the company go out on their own to hire ad-hoc marketers who they pay on commission basis to market the company’s investment packages while sharing the commissions with them.


How to Get Oxford International Group Jobs

If you have an interest in working for Oxford International Group, there are at least two options open to you (none of which is guaranteed but they will drastically improve the probability that you will get hired to work for Oxford International Group Nigeria).

The first option is to keep a lookout online for adverts and notices from the company. What you should be clear on, though, is that most of the Oxford International recruitment adverts you will find online are usually the agents who are looking for marketers to employ on a commission basis and split the commissions with them.

Such vacancy adverts are usually posted on social media websites and blogs like facebook, instagram, blogspot or on open advertising websites like Jiji, Latest Nigerian Jobs and so on. Some of these agents could be generous with their commissions while some may be greedy with theirs so it is up to you to decide if the percentage commission that you are being offered is worth the effort that the job will require.

If you will like to be notified of new job openings in Oxford Group Nigeria and other great companies, you can subscribe to job alerts at the following link: => https://latestnigerianjobs.com/subscribe

The other option you may chose to follow if you wish to work for Oxford International Group is to send them an unsolicited application letter through their email address given on the official website.

In your application letter, let them know that you will like to become one of their marketers and describe whatever marketing skills or experience that you have and what kind of results you believe that you can deliver for the company.

Although there is no guarantee that you will get a response, the goal is to catch the attention of the company because it is a very dynamic and forward-thinking company and they are always on the lookout for anyone or anything that can help their company grow fast and spread wide.

They have a very strong growth ideology and if you are lucky enough to convince them through your unsolicited application that you can promote and market their products very well you might just get lucky and be invited for an interview.

We personally know of three people who got employed by companies that way although not all of them happened in Oxford Group but it’s a strategy worth pursuing if you are really desperate about working for Oxford Group Nigeria.

It is also worthy of note that there are widespread (unconfirmed) rumours that Oxford International Group jobs are usually not advertised because they tend to hire new full time direct staff based on the recommendations of existing staff of the company.

In other words, it is generally suspected that new full time employees are recommended by already existing employees and never through public adverts so if you know of anyone who works for the company already, they just might be able to recommend you for a job should any opening arise, especially if you are a good marketer.

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