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Oxford Business Group Nigeria:

Who is the CEO of Oxford International Business Group of Companies?

The CEO of Oxford Group of companies is Dr. Teni Adesanya, a Nigerian real estate mogul, entrepreneur, business coach and philanthropist who was born in Lagos but hails from Itele, Ijebu-East L.G.A of Ogun State. He is also the founder of TENI AFRICA FOUDATION and was recognized as one of Nigeria’s Top 10 CEO’s in 2018 by Top 10 Magazine.

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Dr. Teni Adesanya, CEO of Oxford Group

He is a seasoned Business man with vast experience in finance, investment, insurance and real estate management and heads a team of brilliant executives who have led the company to see rapid growth and expansion in just a few years.

He holds a B.Sc. in Micro Biology from the Lagos State University, a master’s degree in Real Estate management and was conferred with an honorary doctorate degree in Property management and estate management from the European Wealth of Dominica.


Is Oxford International Group a Registered Business Group in Nigeria?

Yes. Oxford International Group Nigeria is registered with the corporate affairs commission (CAC) of Nigeria with registration number RC 1376384 and they are therefore legally allowed to do business in Nigeria. Not just their main company that is registered but many of their subsidiaries are also registered as separate entities from the parent body so there are multiple reasons to feel safe and assured that Oxford International Group is a reputable company because they are well recognized by the Nigerian government and regulators. Even the EFCC has issued them with a certificate showing that they are being regulated by them.

In addition, they are not only just registered with the CAC and regulated by EFCC SCUML but they have also gone a step further to insure all investors funds with Leadway Assurance a foremost insurance company.

What this insurance means is that in the event that anything happens to their farm or real estate property, investors will not lose their money so you should have no fear in investing with them because should anything happen to the company, you will always get your money back.

That’s a guarantee although it is very unlikely that anything will happen to the company that will shake it because it has built a formidable foundation of numerous business interests which are all profitable and provide a large buffer that helps to stabilize the company against excess risk and uncertainty.


Overview of Oxford Business Group Nigeria Investment Plans: How it Works and How You Get Paid

One great thing about the Oxford Group Nigeria is that they allow the general public to partake as investors in some of their new or ongoing projects.

With Oxford business group, you can invest either in their farms or in their real estate properties and after an agreed period, you are paid both your capital and an interest on top.

This business model is known as “crowd funding” and has recently become a new way for people to participate in businesses like farming, real estate etc without having to physically do the work or even leave their houses.

Some of the Oxford group investment packages will pay you your profit upfront immediately you invest while your original capital is returned to you at the end of the stipulated investment period. This is something that has never been done by any investment company before and is just one of the many reasons why Oxford Group is better than most other investments.

Most of the Oxford investment packages start at a minimum of N100,000 and you are the one to decide how much you want to invest. There is literally no maximum limit as long as the amount is N100,000 or more.

Usually when you invest into any package, you will be given a post-dated cheque for the promised amount that you are meant to cash at the end of the investment period. A post dated cheque is a type of cheque that can only be cashed on or after a certain date in the future. You will also be given a Deed of Agreement as proof of your investment. This deed is a legally binding contract that can be used in a court as proof of your investment in the event that the company defaults.

Using the post-dated cheque payment method also ensures that you will get your payment as and when due because when the date comes and the cheque becomes active, all you have to do is to go to the bank to cash it. You don’t need to wait for the company to process your payment. You simply walk to the bank and cash the cheque for the correct amount that you are meant to be paid.

When you go to cash a cheque in the bank, the bank will usually pay the amount of the cheque into your account. Most banks will allow you to use an ordinary savings account to cash a cheque while some other banks will only allow to use a current account whose account name must match the recipient/bearer’s name written on the cheque.

If you don’t have a current account no worries though because it is very easy to open one in most banks and usually costs nothing although you might be asked to deposit a little amount like N5,000 to activate the account. After activation, you can then withdraw that little amount you paid in, leaving you with a brand new current account. With this current account you can cash your post-dated cheque.

Remember that most banks don’t insist on current account and they will pay your cheque into your normal savings account so ask your bank for this information and they should be able to tell you how to cash your cheque.

The greatest benefit of this post-dated cheque is that it provides a guarantee that you will always get your money when the date is due. This, together with the deed of agreement is a double guarantee that your investment is safe and secure.

In the unlikely event that the cheque bounces i.e is not accepted by the bank, CBN authorizes the bank to sanction the company that issued the cheque and compel them to honour the cheque by providing you with the funds.

But we have never heard of Oxford cheque bouncing. Usually cashing of the Oxford cheque is a very smooth ride with no delays and no stories.

Following are more details about the current investment plans and how you can invest.

Available Investment Plans of Oxford Business Group Nigeria

The most popular Investment Plans available from Oxford International Group at the moment fall under two categories:

  1. Farms
  2. Real Estate

1. Farms (Oxford Green Farm Agricultural Investment)

Also known as Agro Vest. There are two packages under farms these are:

  • Pepper farm (you earn 29% profit in 12 months)
  • Ginger farm (you earn 35% profit in 14 months)

2. Real Estate Investment

Under real estate investments, there are also two packages which are:

  • BuildVest (you earn 29.5% profit in 12 months)
  • MortgageVest (you earn 45% profit in 16 months)

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