Are Agropartnerships Like Agrovest Safe to Invest In?

An agropartnership is a business model where people pool their funds into an investment that is used to build and run farms and perform other agricultural related businesses.

Agrovest is one of such investment platforms where you can invest in farms and get paid a profit after the harvest period.

Farming can be a very lucrative business but comes with a significant amount of risk factors from pests to bad weather to poor yields, low off-take of harvested produce and human factors (peculiar to Nigeria) like criminality, herdsmen/farmers clashes and so on.

There are many factors that can make or break a farm venture especially in an uncertain country like Nigeria therefore before investing in any agropartnership or crowdfunded farm, do a lot of research about the company behind it.

Not all Agropartnerships and crowdfunded agricultural investments are run by experienced people but a company like Oxford Agrovest is one of the more stable and experienced companies operating in this space.

So to answer the question, not all agropartnerships are safe to join but Oxford Agrovest is one of the ones that are safe to join so we actually encourage anyone interested in such investments to go for Oxford Agrovest but to be wary of other platforms no matter how glossy, shiny or enticing their apps, adverts and offers may look.

Agrovest vs Oxford Green Farms Investment: Any Difference?

Here is something that confuses a lot of people: The Oxford Agrovest investment package is it the same as the one they call Oxford Green Farms investment, if not the same then what is the difference?

Actually Oxford Agrovest and Oxford Green Farms are one and the same package but having different branding.

The Oxford Green Farm is the actual name of the group of farm projects owned by Oxford Group, the most notable of which is located at Agbeloba Loko community in Ogun state.

The name “Agrovest” on the other hand is the brand name of the investment package that allows you to invest in the Oxford Green Farm. So as you can see, while Oxford Green Farms is the name of the actual farm, Oxford Agrovest Investment is the name of the investment plan that is tied to the farm.

Where is Oxford Green Farm Nigeria Located?

Oxford Green Farms is the name of a group of very large mechanized farms owned by Oxford International Group. They are comprised of separate farms located in various parts of Nigeria with plans to spread to other African countries in the future.

The most notable and popular of the Oxford Green Farms is located at Agbeloba Loko in Ogun state while some other locations are Ajaka Isale, Ayetoro Ogun State, Iyemero, itapaji, Ikole Ekiti LGA Ekiti state amongst others all over Nigeria.

Agrovest Available Investment Packages

So far, the most popular Oxford investment program with the best reviews is the Agrovest Investment program. Here is a brief review and overview:

Oxford Agrovest Investment is a platform owned by Oxford Group and it allows investors to invest directly into specific crops grown on the Oxford Green Farms project.

The current available packages under Agrovest Investment are:

  1. Pepper farm (you earn 29% profit in 12 months), minimum investment amount is N100,000. Profit can be paid to you upfront if you wish.
  2. Ginger farm (you earn 35% profit in 14 months), minimum investment amount is N100,000. Profit can be paid to you upfront if you wish.

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Benefits of Investing with Agrovest

  • Genuine and Legit: The Oxford Group (owners of Agrovest) is genuine, legit, registered with CAC, regulated by EFCC and has numerous verified offices and subsidiaries all over Nigeria.
  • Upfront Payment: You receive your profit upfront: For most of the Oxford investment plans, as soon as you invest, you have the choice to ask that they first pay you the profit that is meant to be received on your investment so you don’t need to wait till the end of the investment period to get paid. Only your capital will now be with them and that is what will be returned at the end of the investment duration (which is usually around 12 to 16 months). This is after they have already paid you the expected profit upfront at the beginning of the investment.
  • Proof of investment: When you invest you also receive a legal contract known as a “Deed of Agreement” which serves as a guarantee and legally binding proof of your investment and gives you the power and legal right to sue the company in the event that they default on your payment. This Deed of Agreement is sealed by the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), which is a legal authority for lawyers in Nigeria.
  • Funds are Insured: In addition, your invested funds are insured by Leadway Assurance company so that in case anything happens to the farm or real estate property, you will still be paid your money. This means that there is little or no risk on your investment.
  • Well known CEO: The company CEO is a well known, recognized, highly respected and legitimate Nigerian businessman and visionary. Under his leadership, his company has won several awards of excellence and good conduct. He has also bagged a number of personal awards too and has been listed among Top 10 CEOs of the year amongst others.

Most importantly, it has been observed (and confirmed by us) that Oxford Agrovest has never defaulted on any payments to investors. This is the aspect that has really caused the platform to become more popular in recent times.

Many similar agropartnerships who are competitors to Agrovest Investment have seen a raft of late payments to investors and delayed cashouts especially during the months following the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and attendant lockdowns.

Many of these platforms have blamed (and continue to blame) the pandemic while some have also said that the issue is from the off-takers i.e the people who are supposed to buy the harvested produce. They claim that the off-takers have refused to make payment for delivered produce citing same challenge of COVID-19 which the off-takes say has led to very low demand.

With all these challenges of Agro investment platforms and startups, it is quite heartwarming to note that these problems did not affect Oxford Agrovest Investment in the least because they have solid risk management strategies.

During and after the COVID-19 lockdown, Oxford Agrovest Investment and the Oxford International Group in general never defaulted or delayed investors’ payments not even with a single day.

Therefore, to sum up this brief Oxford Agrovest Investment Review, one can surmise that the investment is a legit and reputable one where all promises of payment are kept and where you will get the percentage profit promised and delivered to you as and when due.

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